As reported by local activists in the UK:

"The Association of Hunt Saboteurs last night received a telephone call from a spokesperson representing the Animal Liberation Front in Ireland. The Animal Liberation Front is a direct action animal rights group.

The spokesperson was informing us that an Animal Liberation Front unit has attacked the hare-coursing venue, Powerstown Park Racecourse, Clonmel Co.Tipperary on Saturday night - 8/01/05.

In a two-hour operation, ALF members spread nails and tacks on the hare-coursing field of the racecourse and at the entrance to the venue. A number of incendiary devices were also placed around the racecourse.

The ALF spokesperson said the further attacks were planned on this venue in the run up to the National Hare Coursing Finals to be held in late January early February 2005.

The spokesperson said that war had been declared on animal abusers in Ireland."