anonymous report, from Indymedia UK:

"We started 2013 as we mean to carry on, with an attack on the front entrance building of Bristol Zoo. All the glass front doors and windows were smashed. The building and 'Bristol Zoo' lettering was attacked with paint bombs as well as a paint bomb inside the building. 'Liberate' was sprayed across the front.

Zoos put themselves forward as champions of conservation but the reality is very different. Their 'conservation' is part of the same arrogant hypocritical mindset that places humans separate and above all other living things, and aims for domination and subjugation of nature. Wild creatures are hunted, some to extinction, exploited, and their habitats wrecked. The ones that are lucky enough to be 'saved' are put in cages and this is presented as somehow protecting and helping them.

Zoos are upheld as bastions of education. We can know all we need to know about this or that creature except how to show them basic respect. What it's really about is teaching people that non-human animals are there for our entertainment, and that the entire non-human world exists only for our use. People's need to see and experience something wild is very marketable and exploitable. Behind all the rhetoric and reinvention of zoos lies the cruel reality as always of money and profit by all means necessary. Once we see through their carefully constructed image there is no defence such institutions of slavery can employ against our reasons to attack them.

In the zoo, people get used to the necessity and desirability of cages. Once free animals, pacing their cages and staring vacantly at the bars are a sad reflection of our own captivity.

With this small but successful act we draw a line in the sand between us and the dominator of every creature including ourselves.

On New Years Eve there is a tradition around the world of taking action against the prison system and showing solidarity with prisoners. We continue and extend this tradition in the spirit of total liberation for human and non-human animals alike. We also have not forgotten or forgiven the violence used by the police against demonstrators outside Horfield prison last new years eve.

We will keep hitting them where and when they don't expect it - They can never be everywhere and we will never accept captivity or imprisonment of any sort. We dedicate this action to anarchist prisoners Marco Camenisch, Cristobal Franke 'Mono' and Osman Evcan."