anonymous report:

"We do not know if this has ever occurred before. Last night, Vancouver fur shop Speiser Furs was unknowingly visited by two seperate ALF cells. We learned this morning that individuals went to the front of the store to glue the locks and paste leaflets, while we were at the back of the store using hypodermic needles to shoot a foul substance into the store through cracks in the door. To the other cell, while we have no idea who you are, we hope with our combined efforts these actions will shut the doors of this house of horrors for good. How romantic it would have been if we had crossed paths. This was our second attack this week, three days earlier we did the same at Max Mara. We estimate several thousand dollars in damage and dozens of ruined jackets. That is what they get for boldy displaying the abused carcasses of fur bearing animals in their windows.
ALF Vancouver"