anonymous communique:

"On a recent sunny day, an ALF cell visited Jays farm, near Haslemere. As activists approached the enclosures, it could be seen that a mother had recently given birth to piglets. These piglets were staying close to their mother as activists worked on fencing just a few metres away. With the fencing down, the mother stood defensively in front of her piglets, and waited to see what would happen next... activists then threw small pieces of juicy English apples to the mother boar who carefully went about eating them, activists moved off to the next pen, leaving a trail out into the woodland.

The boar were well camouflaged, but a couple could be seen and a small area of fencing opened. At the third pen a group of shy but curious boar, numbering about fifteen, watched from a distance while activists worked. Apples were then layed about. The fourth enclosure was opened up, but no boar were evident.

Small areas of fencing were removed in discreet areas to maximise the time before the action was discovered, hopefully when the boars had left for the wild.

English people should coexist with these shy pigs, yet the government, and countryside sports 'enthusiasts' seem set on continuing their persecution.

This is unacceptable.

Boar Liberation Front"