Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

Swimming across a freezing cold canal in the middle of a snow storm would normally be a stupid thing to do, however in the war for animal liberation such risks must be taken.

Ignoring the infra-red cameras and patrolling security guards, ALF warriors crossed the canal behind the UPS office building in Nottingham and sabotaged all 4 cars parked in the staff carpark. The cars were covered with paint stripper and had their tyres slashed.

UPS do you really think you can weather the onslaught? Do some research, look at the number of direct action attacks HLS collaborators have been subjected to in the past. Many huge multinational companies including Marsh, BOC and Natwest have been the targets of unrelenting campaigns of economic sabotage until they dumped HLS. You are no different! Supporters of torture, pain, destruction and murder will reap what they have sown.

Until all are free

[included with the communique was a note:]

"A message to activists:
If polite requests fail, the major reason why most companies sever their links with HLS (and other vivisection labs) is because they become targets for direct action attacks. If we want to see a swift end to the horror that is HLS, the frequency of these attacks without doubt has to increase. Please, on behalf of the animals, think how much you want to see an end to vivisection. If everyone involved in campaigning against this hell-hole undertook even just one direct action a year, and for one night put down the banner and picked up bricks and boltcroppers, HLS would be finished very, very quickly. How could they put up with 1000s of attacks a year?

We must stop relying on others to do what we can do ourselves. Instead of just cheering the ALF on demos, singing about and reading of their exploits, we need to all actually become the ALF. Direct action can be quick, simple and easy, look at action reports on the internet for ideas; paint bombs, slashing tyres, paint stripping cars, smashing windows, liberating animals...

Taking the initial steps can be daunting but start small (maybe spraypainting the building of an HLS supplier) and slowly build your confidence, act alone or with trusted friends. If you take care, wear gloves, cover your face and plan thoroughly, there is less chance getting arrested carrying out economic sabotage than going on a demo.

Words such as these can not be printed in magazines or spoken on demos due to the UKs incitement laws, but they are words that must be said. Please for the sake of the innocent animals inside HLS, lets stop just hurling abuse and start hurling rocks. We are the animals only hope. We cannot and will not fail them..."