Reported by local activists in the Netherlands:

December: Arnhem: 1 cashmachine and chipknip sabotaged of ABN AMRO.

14/01/05 - Enschede: 3 employees of ABN AMRO visited. Their car and house redecorated. The DBF threatens to do more homevisits if ABN AMRO is not willing to give up their connection with the monkeyvivisectionlab BPRC.

03/02/05 - Nijmegen/Arnhem: Slogans spraypainted in the city about the monkeylab BPRC and their bank ABN AMRO. Two branches of ABN AMRO also spraypainted.

10/02/05 - Nijmegen: ! cashmachine of ABN AMRO smashed with a hammer. 7 or 8 windows of another branche smashed. In the center a cashmachine sabotaged. They are still out of order according to the communique.

17/02/05 - Arnhem: Almost all ABN AMRO branches sabotaged with glue and paint.

17/02/05 - Sonsbeek: Lock glued and slogans spraypainted. Cashmachine and chipknip sabotaged and slogans sprayed.

17/02/05 - Elst: ABN AMRO branche sabotaged with glue and paint.

17/02/05 - Lent: ABN AMRO branche sabotaged with glue and paint.

18/02/05 - Harderwijk: ABN AMRO branche paintbombed.

22/02/05 - Groningen: Biologist and pigeon expert J Doevendans has received treats by pigeonfriends. The threats came after he wrote a rapport for the local government. He stated it was necessary to catch and kill pigeons.