anonymous report:

"Building of a bourgeois cottage settlement takes place in Moscow region
(Russia) in a place called Opaliha. As usual such a building stationed in
a nice forest area – on the banks of the lake Lesnoe (in Russian this name
means 'Foresty'). Nowadays there are huge forest felling of gentle pine
trees and water grounds are being destroyed due to the massive building
works and excavations. So, forest and lake are for sale, privatization and
finally - destruction. We can't accept it!

In late evening 19th February 2011 we, true daughters and sons of Nature,
burned the depot of combustible building materials settled in one of the
unfinished cottages. This leaded to a huge fire in the whole building. We
also burned electric transformer and so brought for these killers of
Mother-Earth considerable damage.

You can see video and detailed story in Russian here:

Keep worldwide fighting for Nature and Freedom!
ELF-Moscow Region"