Received anonymously by activists in Sweden:

12 February 2005 - Jonkoping; "This Saturday we cut 2 jackets and 1 pair of boots with fur trims and about 40 sheepskin from IKEA. Total value: ca 19 000 SEK - DBF"

19 February 2005 - Gothenburg; 12 jackets with fur trims cut by the Swedish DBF. The jackets are sold for 3495 SEK each - DBF.

20 February 2005 - Malmo; 3 windows smashed at fur store Palskonfektion. "This was my first action, but easy as pancakes. I will do it again... You can also take part in the war against the fur trade, use your imagination and get busy! - DBF"

February 2005 - Jonkoping; 5 coats with fur trim slashed by activists from the DBF.