anonymous communique received by activists in Finland:

"Happy Valentine's day Pekka and the rest of the folks at Halonen!

We paid a visit to your warehouse in Espoo 14.2. and left some
incendiary devices there as a gift. We hope you liked our gift.

Give up fur trim.

We always win."

Note: Pekka Halonen is CEO of the Finnish clothing chain Halonen, which due to its sale of fur trim has been the target of a campaign by animal rights activists.

"Hyvää ystävänpäivää Pekka ja muu Halosen väki!

Kävimme vierailulla varastollanne Espoossa 14.2. ja jätimme teille
lahjaksi palopommeja. Toivottavasti lahjamme kelpasi.

Luopukaa turkissomisteista.

Me voitamme aina."