Update: Midsummer House restaurant has stopped serving foie gras.

received anonymously:

"In the early hours of Sunday morning, ALF activists arrived at Midsummer House. This disgusting restaurant, situated on Chesterton Road, Cambridge, continues to support the cruel foie gras industry by selling pate de foie gras.

By profitting from the torture of ducks and geese for an unnecessary and unhealthy 'delicacy', Midsummer House became a target for the ALF.

Slogans like 'Stop Selling Foie Gras' and 'Ban Foie Gras' were among those spray-painted on to the walls and windows of the building. Activists glued the locks and applied paint-stripper to door and window frames and varnished wood. Glass-etching fluid was also employed to damage the windows.

We hope this action will discourage Midsummer House from selling foie gras. Anyone who chooses several hours of scrubbing over a few minutes of altering a menu and calling a supplier really does need their head checking.

Until all are free, Keep on fighting.
Cambridge ALF

Midsummer House
66 Chesterton Road
01223 369299"