anonymous communique:

"Under the cover of darkness, Cambridge Exterior Designers Inc. paid a visit to Biocair, an industrial supplies company with customers like the notorious Huntington Life Sciences.

Upon arrival at the building, activists decided it looked plain and boring. They agreed that a little re-decoration was in order to bring the place up-to-date and out of the dark ages where animal experimentation belongs.

After key-pads were glued and slogans sprayed on to the walls, glass-etching fluid was thrown at the windows and paint-stripper brushed on to the door-frames. Activists then moved on to the vans parked outside the building. Locks were glued, paint-stripper thrown over the bonnets and the word 'SCUM' brushed into the already-blistering paint-work. Glass-etching fluid was again used, this time on the wing-mirrors and windscreens.

In the darkened car-park, the activists' movements were aided by the security lights that Biocair had kindly installed, allowing them to see the locks and tools more easily. Evidence of a previous attack by a different cell was visible, the words 'Puppy Killers' noticeable on the garage doors.

This appauling company obviously hasn't learned its lesson yet. If you would like to become a teacher for a night, feel free to pop down to:

The Business Centre
Church End

and leave your application in writing/paint/etching fluid there. Alternatively, please ring:

01223 245223

Cambridge Exterior Designers, Inc.
Working in partnership with the ALF"