anonymous communique (click here for additional photographs):

"Every year through out New Zealand hundreds of thousands of pigs are confined to sow crates, farrowing crates and fattening pens. Males in the fattening pens live in their own excrement in cramped pens where they await slaughter. The females are treated as machines, being constantly confined to sow or farrowing crates where they can not turn around, comfortably lie down or properly care for their young. Before long their babies are ripped away from them and they are impregnated again. They are treated as though they do not feel pain, as though they do not matter, as though they are profit.

We recently entered a shed containing farrowing crates on an intensive pig farm in Auckland. Along with documenting the heart breaking conditions these mothers are forced endure we also liberated one sweet little piglet. He has been nicknamed ‘Strawberry’ after his fondness of the fruit. He was a third of the size of his littermates and would certainly have not survived much longer on the farm, though if he had he was destined to be slaughtered. He has since been placed in a new home where he is free to be a pig; to run, play and forage.

Pigs are not profit and they are not food; they are thinking feeling loving beings that deserve to be free!

Viva ALF!"