Received anonymously by activists in Spain:

"A long time ago we went to one of the areas of Huesca (spanish region) which is in risk of being flooded by a reservoir. We went there to protest against the environmental destruction and against the politicians, who want to flood villages and their culture.

Driving through one road of the area we learned that the environmental destruction and the oppression of the villages was joined to animal abuse. On that road we found a huge partridge farm for hunting and for bloody food. We stopped the car and went inside the sheds at daylight. All the sheds were empty, all except one. The owners of the farm stopped abusing partridges to start abusing sled dogs.

These bastards think about dogs like the hunters, they think dogs are just tools to have fun with. The dogs where in horrible conditions, in a very small place and with their feces hardened all over the floor. It was obvious that nobody has ever cleaned that place, the horrible smell was a proof of it. Even if the people who use the dogs in these competitions try to make us believe that they love animals, we know they are not worried about them. The only thing they are worried about is to make the dogs run. When the dogs are too old to run, they just kill them.

After watching the conditions how the dogs where kept, we promised ourselves to return. On the 12th of february we were there again. this was going to be a night visit. We made some destruction and spray painted sayings: Free dogs, abuser, we are going to burn down your home,...

It was our first direct action attack, but probably not the last one.

Every way of abuse is conected. The same type of people who make other people move out of their village and destroys the environment is the one which kills partridges or forces dogs to pull machines. We have learned that the people who oppose one type of abuse should oppose all of them. That`s why we should attack every type of abuse the same way.

Free dogs"