Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

"Yamanouchi will come to learn that the ALF never forgives and the ALF never forgets. The ALF visited the homes of three Yamanouchi employees:

Margaret McQuillan, 22 Triggs Close, Woking, Surrey GU22 0EJ tel: 01483 760 058

Clifford Leach, 30 Horsell Park Close, Woking, Surrey GU21 4LZ

Frances Bellamy, 20 Overbrook Close, West Horsley, Surrey KT24 6BH

and caused 'economic sabotage' to their property. Justice will be done and the animals will be avenged. Do not underestimate our resolve, do not underestimate the hatred we feel for those who steal the lives of animals. There is no escape from the ALF. Drop HLS you filthy murdering scum.

A message for the government, Lord Sainsbury, the ABPI and all the other lackeys to the chemical industries and to all those who seek to thwart us. The more you try to stop us, the more vicious it gets, and the animal abusers will pay the price for your attempts to stifle any form of dissent against those who profit from animal abuse. No justice, just the ALF: the abusers will will reap the whirlwind...... As the movement goes underground striking in darkness where you least expect it you will come to realise the errors you have made and the movement you have created. You have been warned........ You are creating the vivisection industry's worst nightmares and making all our dreams come true.