received anonymously:

" Under the ghostly veil of the midnight sky, the hammer of righteous justice struck another blow against HLS collaborators.

"Puppy Killer" sprayed on house of Biocare Ltd. director Wesley Ewans, 20 St Christophers Drive, Oundle, Peterborough, PE8 4HU

"#10 UPS Worker, Puppy Killer" sprayed outside house of Keith Nugent, 10 Cardyke Drive, Baston, Peterborough. Whilst Keith seduced his wife in the bedroom above, we also covered every panel of his new 4x4 in paint stripper and slashed the vehicles tyres.

In loving memory of Jill Phipps whose life dedicated to fighting for animals and the environment is an inspiration to us all. Other hands will now take up the tools of liberation!