Media are reporting an ALF revival in Belgium. The February 2 arson at a research building under renovation at the University of Hasselt was at least the eleventh action in Belgium since early January.

Actions have included:

- In early January, slogans were painted on four butcher shops in the towns of Bilzen and Diepenbeek. "Murder" and other slogans were left behind in red paint.

- Late on January 11, the walls, doors and windows of several butchers in Maaseik were painted.

- One butcher was painted in Houthalen-Helchteren.

- In mid-January, "Fur = Murder" was painted on a store in Sint Niklaas.

- A wall and billboard at a slaughterhouse were painted. The name of the company, Noordvlees Van Gool, was changed to "Moordvlees" (literally, "Murder meat"). The letters "ALF" also painted.

- A clothing store on Leuven's Ladeuzeplein had its facade painted with slogans ("Fur is murder," "ALF").