Craighead Taxidermist Vandalized by Animal Rights Activists

February 2, 2005

BROOKLAND (Arkansas)--Vandals leave their mark on a Region 8 taxidermy studio.

Shopher's Taxidermy, just north of Goobertown, was vandalized Tuesday night and the owner suspects it was the work of animal activists.

The walls of the business were covered with obscenities and the propane tank was diassembled.

Don Shopher lives just up the hill from his taxidermy shop, and he had just settled in for a night like any other.

"We were watching TV until Leno went off and we went to bed. We never heard a sound of anything, no warning, no nothing," Shopher says.

But when he returned to work this morning, he received some unexpected messages, written in red, on the wall of his business.

"The stuff that's on the walls is like no hunt, no kill, bambi killers and some obscene words I can't use here," Shopher says.

"I suspect it was an attempt to take a slam at the hunters and fisherman by some anti-hunting group," Shopher says.

He doesn't know why these vandals are calling him a killer.

"I love all animals...anything that walks, crawls, hops flies or swims," Shopher says.

He also doesn't understand why they would be angry with the hunters.

"They're not out there shooting deer with A-K 47's and leaving them layin'. They're abiding by state rules and regulations," Shopher says.

But he does know what he'll do if vandals strike again.

"If I catch them doing it, I might be inclined to use my legal rights of these no trespassing signs," Shopher says.