reported by the Russian Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group:

December 10th, St. Petersburg. Activists for the second time have closed the fur shop "Lena" on the Neva prospectus and left the slogan, "Closed for trade in death". For one hour the shop was locked and could not accept visitors. First such action was on November 26th. Video of the action:

December 10th, Brest (Belarus). Two fur shops have been painted with various slogans for animal rights and locks have been filled with glue.

November 29th, Voronezh. Glue sticks 7 locks of fur shops. 4 sections of windows in a building of a recreation center of Komintern were broken message painted on a wall against fur exhibition.

November 24th, Moscow. Near station of underground Tretjakovskaja the show-window of fur shop has been broken.

November 10th, Moscow. 2 big advertising billboards of fur shop were broken. The billboard was placed near the Kazan station.

November 9th, Zhukovskiy (Moscow region). On a building fur fair spray-painted slogan, "Fur is murder!" Also their advertising banner has been destroyed.

October 22nd, Dubna (Moscow region). Spray-painted slogans and 5 windows broken on exhibition-fair of furs.

October 17th, Barnaul (Altay region). Activists stick labels for animal rights on advertising posters of circus-chapiteau.

October 17th, Moscow. Broken show-windows of fur shop and fur coat painted.

October 3rd, Volzhsk (Volgograd region). On territory of the Moscow circus-chapiteau spray-painted slogans: "Freedom to animals!".

September 27th, Moscow. Broken show-windows of fur shop and fur coat painted.

September 24th, Dubna (Moscow region). Spray-painted slogans on exhibition-fair of furs.