anonymous communique reported on Animal Rights Media:

"During the night of first and second Christmas the Animal Liberation Front liberated 13 white rabbits in the south of The Netherlands. They were flemish giant rabbits.

When we got into this rabbit barn we were shocked, not by the large amount of rabbits who were present, but that the group of adult rabbits from which we rescued 2 a week earlier, were all gone, and might have been killed; we were afraid of this and it has become true.

We from the Animal Liberation Front have chosen to not cause any damage or leave a note, so we could come back later to liberate all the rabbits who are awaiting their death.

The Animal Liberation Front doesn't know if the rabbits are for consumption, or if they got killed for their fur. It doesn't make any difference to us, we want all animals to be free, and we will come back until the last cage is empty!
Let this be clear, who or what will try to stop us, we're fighting with our hearts for the animals!"