anonymous communique:

"On a night in December 7 Novartis executives and lab workers got a visit at home. The head office of Novartis is located in Basel, Switzerland and that's where these cowards work. These scumbags have been trying to hide by living just across the border of Switzerland in Germany. We will track down every single of one of you and make sure you will all get the treatment you deserve. Dealing with Huntingdon Life Sciences means getting a visit at your homes, family, friends and every single thing that is part of your private life. Novartis is dealing with Huntindon Life Sciences and that means we will give you HELL Novartis.

This time we took out our skimasks, spray paint, tools, paint stripper and petrol bombs. Next time we will just take out our SKIMASKS and BASEBALLBATS. It's less expensive, more easy and more effective. So ask yourself, who will be next?

We started our payback time at the house of Martin Morawietz, an executive at Novartis. This man has been smart by hiding his car but has a nice big white house which was covered in red spray paint saying things like drop hls, scum, murderer and on his garage we spray painted in huge letters 'Murderer lives here' so all his neighbors could see he's a murderer.

We have been spying from the bushes in your garden on you Martin while you were having dinner with your family. We noticed you are having a son, is he someone close to you Martin? Remember what we wrote earlier, who will be next?

Next was Matthias Staufenbiel, we paint stripped his big van in front of his house and slashed the tires. The house was covered in slogans. We know you are having your acupuncture centre at home Gabriele (Matthias his wife). This means you're home alone sometimes? The fire brigades in front of your house won't come and save you, we are professionals in sneaking around silently and breaking inside places.

Juergen Brokatzky-Geiger, executive at Novartis, did you like your paint stripped car, flat tires and spray paint on your house? We hope you do too Karin! It was funny how we were spray painting your house while you and your wife were still awake with the lights on. If you didn't see us, we were just sitting underneath your kitchen window! Good thing for you, you didn't come out..

Barbara Lücker was next having her car paint stripped, tires slashed and slogans sprayed on her house. You should watch your back too Achim!

The next house of Volker Brinkmann was quite funny. We found 3 cars in front of the garage doors next to your entrance, we weren't sure which one was yours so we just pain stripped them all and slashed the tires. To make sure your neighbors knew who to blame we covered your entrance with slogans.

Next visit was a special one and the final blow. These 2 murderers of Novartis, Beate Sachers and George Martiny-Baron are neighbors. Bad decision, you just make it so easy for us! We first spray painted the house and car of Beate Sachers and slashed the tires. To finish the night we placed petrol bombs under two cars belonging to Sofia Baron, the wife of George Martiny-Baron who works at Novartis. You've got something to explain to your students of your dancing school at home Sofia for what your husband is doing! Your students could easily be followed home... We hope your cars burned to ashes Sofia!

It is clear to you Novartis, DROP HUNTINGDON LIFE SCIENCES or things will turn out bad for you. The animals in HLS live in a hell so will give you back what you did to them, WE WILL GIVE YOU HELL. We will continue the war by attacking your executives and other workers one by one, petrol bomb by petrol bomb, until you DROP HLS.

- the ARM warriors Switzerland

Remember all these 'people' work at Novartis in Basel, Switzerland. We should never hold back on these people, do what you feel like doing to them!

All in Germany:

Martin Morawietz
Käppelemattweg 107, Schopfheim

Matthias Staufenbiel
Müllerweg 7, Lorrach
Wife: Gabriele Staufenbiel

Dr. Juergen Brokatzky-Geiger
Breslauer Strasse 9, Lorrach
Wife: Karin

Barbara Lücker
Dinkelbergstrasse 6, Lorrach
Husband: Dr. Achim Lücker

Volker Brinkmann
Sternwaldstrasse 31, Freiburg
Wife: Weronika Brinkmann

George Martiny-Baron
Am scheibenberg 10, Herbolzheim
Wife: Sofia Baron"