Received anonymously:

The ALF does not negotiate or compromise with those involved in mass murder and torture at Huntingdon Life Sciences. If the ALF has to track down every single HLS collaborator and make them pay for their crimes in order to close the hell hole, then that is what the ALF will do

16th December, Nottinghamshire division of York Refridgeration

Starting at the back of the building we glued the padlocks on the gas cylinder storage shed and then cut holes in the wire doors big enough to let us get inside. Valves on gas cylinders were opened draining their contents, cans of lubricant oil and freezer coolant opened and poured over the floor, a large warning message sprayed on the outside of the shed and external wires and pipes on the buildings air conditioning units cut, producing a beautiful combination of hissing gas and flying sparks.

Moving to the front of the building all locks were glued, the front windows blacked out with paint and the tyres slashed on a York Refridgeration van. At this point an activist was spotted by a worker from a neighbouring company and so we quickly finished the action by spraypainting the van, gluing all its locks and gluing the windscreen wipers to the windscreen. As we escaped to our getaway vehicle 4 cop cars pulled up in front of the building, reinforcing the fact that you always need to stay alert, listen to your sixth sense and have an emergency escape route planned

For the animals