Received anonymously:

Operation Militant Reprisal - Two HLS suppliers in Peterborough attacked in one night

Luck was on our side as we carried out this operation, one company had left its main gate unlocked whilst the other had stupidly left a hole in its spiked security fencing big enough to scramble through. As well as this, both companies were situated in an area currently a major focus for police operations against car crime but despite vehicle alarms being triggered at both locations not a single police car was seen:

First target; Business Post
After sabotaging a deilvery lorry by slashing its tyres, cutting a couple of cables underneath it and spraypainting it with DROP HLS we glued the locks on the back entrance to the building, slashed the tyres on a trailer, punctured the spare tyres piled up on the trailer and then covered a van in spraypaint. The van also had its tyres slashed, all its locks glued and its lights, windscreen and side mirrors smashed. (As a warning to others it was the over-enthusiastic smashing of a wing mirror which triggered the alarm).

Second target; Dal Rod
This company specialise in drain clearance and grafitti removal so we sprayed their vehicles with paint and opened the valves on their two tankers releasing their stinking contents into the compound. All tyres were also slashed on the 2 tankers, 2 vans and car, cables were cut, windscreens smashed, aerial cut off the car and the satelitte dish on the building sabotaged.

Another night closer to the day when HLS shuts its gates for the last time

Animal Liberation Front