AstraZeneca - Wedel

received anonymously (photo: TV NEWS KONTOR):

"in the night of 9 december 2010 an arson attack took place on a building of Astra Zeneca(AZ) in Wedel, Germany. After cutting through the fence, four petrol bombs were placed at strategic points around a wing of the schooling building.

Astra Zeneca is one of the most important clients of Huntingdon Life Sciences(HLS) a contract lab that tests products on animals for any company that pays them for it. this sick company is notorious for their animal abuse. some abuse filmed by under cover people is workers hitting beagle dogs in the face and monkeys that wake up while their rib cage is being cut open. HLS has to close, by any means necessary.

This attack is meant as a warning to Astra Zeneca, and any other company using HLS. Drop HLS or deal with us.

this action is dedicated to all SHAC prisoners.

Militant Forces Against Huntingdon"