received anonymously:

"UC Berkeley vivisector Ralph Freeman and all of the current lab members in Freeman's Visual Neuroscience Lab ( were sent a trojan horse virus embedded into email. This virus is designed to completely wreck their computers while leeching all vital personal information they've ever entered into their systems.

It is time to buy new computers, and after that, save yourself the hassle that will follow and get the fuck out of this cat killing lab. The lab where kittens as young as six weeks live in daily fear and trauma from the violence that you are responsible for. The cats in stereotaxic devices with holes drilled into their skulls are what drives us and we will do anything to end your torture.

We've read the past communiques where other anonymous activists have visited Freeman's home and broken windows, with this action we want to send the message loud and clear that those who torture non-humans to death are not safe at home nor at work. We will go on the offensive against every form of oppression that surrounds; whether it be racism, sexism, homophobia, or speciesism.

In addition to Freeman ([email protected]), we sent the virus to Brian Pasley ([email protected]), Thang Duong ([email protected]), Elena Allen ([email protected]), Nina Yang ([email protected]), Lars Eric Holm ([email protected]), BaoWang Li ([email protected]), and Ahalya Viswanathan ([email protected])

This action is dedicated to all those fighting for primate freedom at UCLA and all those who have taken action as of late against the animal murder industries in Central and South America. It is for the billions of animals currently enslaved.