Received anonymously by activists in Ireland:


The Animal liberation has carried out two raids over the last few weeks on intensive poultry breeding farms in Counties Louth and Kildare.

Eight overweight white Chickens were liberated from Enfield Broiler Breeders in Allenwood South,Co Kildare owned by John Mawer (who also owned a farm in Celbridge which was raided in January 2004 by the ALF).

Video footage was taken of overcrowded conditions and birds were suffering from pecking and feather loss. excrement was caked on their feathers. A wheelie bin at the premises waiting to be collected by Allied Waste was full of dead and decomposing birds,victims of the intense method of breeding employed by Mr Mawer.The unfortunate birds never see daylight and spend their short lives in artificial conditions, being fed growth promoting hormones to increase their weight and value.They only leave the hot stinking sheds to go to the slaughterhouse.The shed floors are only cleaned out when a batch of birds complete their cycle of life. Eight birds left with the rescuers through a half opened door.

The Large intensive breeding facilities of David Russell, Monknewtown, Slane were monitored for some weeks as Turkeys for the Christmas table were emptied out of the massive sheds and shuttled to John Horgans Farm in Cortown, Kells for killing.Again a large Wheelie Bin outside the premises held the weaker birds who had died in the sheds.

The workers who are paid for speed but not care, carried the birds roughly by the legs when they reached their required size, their wings were flapping as they were literally stuffed into the containers on the truck.

As the truck left the farm and drove away their wings and some of their feet were stuck out of the confined cages. Sadly, A trail of feathers kept flying out as they were driven to their deaths.The birds had covered the floors of the dark stinking sheds side by side resembling a white carpet. Rescuers took Ten young turkeys from the hot shed that housed thousands. Amonia stung their eyes from the excrement that covered the floor. Again this situation resembled a concentration species deserves this treatment.

The ALF will continue to target animal abuse until all are free."