Received anonymously:

We had read about all the exciting direct action happening against Business Post and wanted to do some ourselves. We did some research and found a Business Post place near to Newcastle-Under-Lyme, we did a bit more research to work out what to do when we got there, and then a couple of days later we headed off into the dark with our tools.

When we got to the location we had a good look round to check for people, security cameras and to work out an escape route just in case. We couldn't get near to the building because of a big fence but luckily 4 vans were parked outside on the road. The first thing we did was to puncture and deflate the tyres with a very sharp screwdriver, we made sure we could hear air coming out of the tyres when we did it and made a few holes to make sure we'd done a good job. We then used bolt croppers to cut all the windscreen wipers in half and remove the aerials from the vans. Next we sprayed black paint all over the vans, focusing on covering the Business Post logos, we also sprayed a huge PUPPY KILLER grafitti down the side of one van. We saved the noisiest sabotage method until last to make sure we could escape as soon as we'd done it. Using a hammer we shattered every windscreen, cracked every wing mirror and broke every front, rear and side light. Most of the side windows were too tough but we totally smashed one out and then got inside the van where we bashed up the radio, dials on the dash board and the interior light.

We hope Business Post are starting to realise that if they support people who hit young beagles in the face, then they are going to continue being hit hard themselves by economic sabotage attacks.