recent actions reported by activists in Italy:

"November 23 - Imola (Bologna)
Actelion italian offices in Imola have been attacked by "a storm of paintbombs", an anonymous communique claims. The action is against the use of HLS by Actelion, one of the main customers for this lab. "we will smash HLS piece by piece, brick by brick, customer by customer", the activists said.

November 21 - Parma
A Pheasant farm is raided by the ALF for the second time after one year. The communique states that part of the farm has been found empty and with fences still broken, a clear sign of how effective the previous raid was.
This time gates and fences have been smashed again to help the animals escape. Two rabbits found in a small cage have been taken away.

October 28 - Milano
The entrance of the University Pharmacology Department is subject to damages with stones breaking glass and spraypainted messages. This department has been raided in broad daylight on April 27.

August 26 - San Polo d'Enza (Reggio Emilia)
Morini farm has been hit hardly one more time. This time activists claim with a communique a daring action inside the farm, where they entered through a hole cut in the fence and quickly managed to put paintstripper and smash windows at the farmer's car, throw litres of paint and lots of stones to the house windows and smash the door of the offices, gaining entrance while the alarm went off and steal important documents. In those documents the activist claim there is also the name of the new vet, with a private letter where it is asked to keep his name secret... no more! This is the fifth time that activists managed to raid the farm, first liberating 99 beagles, then with two arsons at a car and a van, and last year with a similar quick raid where windows and a car were smashed with axes and stones. The communique claims the whole action lasted just one minute."