anonymous report, from 269 life:

"We did it, 269 is free and recuperating well.
Several weeks ago, we broke into the death camp that was holding him captive for his meat.
We were observing the farm for a long time, there were many difficulties.
A fully grown bull rescue and the security measures in place posed a great challenge and so we were waiting for the perfect opportunity to act.
His slaughter date was rapidly approaching and so time was of the essence!
We took down two rows of solid steel bars and used an opportunity early in the morning to launch the operation. After a long struggle, we managed to push him on the ramp, in the nick of time.
This action is just another step, our ultimate goal is monumental, but we will prevail.
We are 269, we will never rest, back down or compromise!
Until they are all free, from mans tyranny.
All are 269"