anonymous report:

"Around 7:00am on August 26, a cell of the Animal Liberation Front entered
the back yard of Brian L. MacMillan, 1245 Mockingbird Lane in Sun Prairie,
Wisconsin. Brian is the Vice President of Wild Fur Operations at North
American Fur Auctions, the largest fur auction house in North America.
Brian is a terrorist who deals in the skins of wild animals tortured and
killed in steel-jaw leghold traps. The counter-terrorists of the Animal
Liberation Front broke his double paned window, and inserted his own
garden hose; completely flooding his home.

Most people would be amazed at the sight of a bobcat, a creature so
majestic and free. Brian's empty heart sees only profit.

There is no doubt Brian and NAFA will attempt to portray themselves as
victims. They have the audacity to call us terrorists, when every penny
they have made is at the torture and subjugation of what is wild and free.
All who contribute to industries of earth and animal destruction shall
take note. There is a higher law.

Animal Liberation Front"