reported anonymously:

"The (under construction) Police Firearms Training Centre in Black Rock
Quarry, Portishead, situated directly beneath the Avon and Somerset Police
regional headquarters was our target on the night of 26th August, and we
left it with flames licking high. The facility is intended to serve forces
across the South West.

After climbing into the quarry we used accelerant to burn the major
electrical cables at five junction points throughout the complex, and
doused and lighted a pallet of electrical fittings and wires. More than
twelve hours later the fire is still burning. It put smiles on our faces
to realise how easy it was to enter their gun club and leave a fuck you
signature right in the belly of the beast, with a curious fox as our only

On the same night others of us attacked two vehicles near St George,
Bristol with paint stripper and by slashing the tyres – one G4S and one
Amey. In the UK and globally G4S provide prison and security services and
profit from many aspects of prison society. Amey, in a joint venture with
GEO transport prisoners in England and Wales and run courthouses in
Bristol and North Somerset.

In the City around us the lock down increases; there is a general
atmosphere of rising fear and powerlessness; there is more and more
surveillance, and security guards with handcuffs appear on more and more
doors. Tensions across the world are simmering as people lose faith in the
system. As a response to this insecurity the state is militarising it’s
police with firearms, remote control drones and 'non-lethal' weapons that
regularly kill. At the same time they develop the preventative 'soft cop' buffer of community support officers, liaison teams and so on, that are
more fitting with the democratic image. They even get some help from
leftists such as John Drury from Aufheben with his contributions on crowd
control, who is as terrified of the unmanageable as the ruling classes
are. The British state is a world leader in counter-insurgency techniques.
Their expertise is the result of generations long brutal colonisation,
like in India, Kenya and to this day in Ireland.

Two years after the major UK riots we think an important door was opened
for radical and combative refusal of our daily existence on a wide scale.
For those of us who took to the streets it was a breath of clean air in
the dungeons, a reminder that the encroachment and control is not
complete. Even when the apathy and isolation seems to have taken hold
again we continue our attacks. The police and security industry specialise
in making us feel powerless in our own lives, and making these attacks
goes a long way to overcoming this feeling.

This is also our way of marking two years that Bristol anarchist Badger
has evaded capture after the riots. Stay free, keep fighting!

Speaking of which, the night of our action coincides with the announced
start of the planned cull of wild badgers in the South West of England.
Through attempting to facilitate the cull and stop resistance the police
shore up the interests of agricultural industry and the land owning
classes. We hope this will be one of many rebellions against this
slaughter. Because the state and corporate security forces are integral to
this world of exploitation and authority.

Our best wishes to the Greek anarchist Kostas Sakkas in recovery from a
successful hunger strike for pre-trial release after 30 months on remand.

The struggle will continue until all are wild and free.

-Angry Foxes Cell in collaboration with ACAB"