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Received anonymously by activists in New Zealand:

Earlier this week we broke into Jennersmead farm, owned by Massey University. This is a vivisection lab and breeding unit near Bunnythorpe and Palmerston North. We have freed six animals from lifetimes of abuse at the hands of so called scientists. The animals we have liberated are one breeding dog and her five puppies. In addition, breeding records have been taken and destroyed, and buildings covered in paint and animal rights slogans.

Jennersmead farm is located on Campbell Road between Bunnythorpe and Fielding, a few hundred metres from Nannested Line. It was built by Glaxo as a vivisection lab animal breeding farm, and later sold to Massey University in the 1980s. Since then Massey University has used it as a dog breeding unit and commercial animal research laboratory.

Our way into this hellhole was simple. Through the front gate we came to the dog kennel section and cut our way in. The first building we found had the mother and her young. She didn’t need any encouragement to leave her prison. She and her babies are now living in a home where they will be safe, rehabilitated and free from suffering for the rest of their lives.

There were many other dogs at the lab but we couldn’t take them all. Some had difficulty walking due to leg experiments, and all were living in tiny barren cages. Some had obvious psychological trauma – pacing and whining with haunted looking eyes. Until this week these lucky puppies and their mother had nothing to look forward too except a life of boredom and cages, followed by experiments and death at the hands of Massey University vivisectors.

Massey thought this breeding unit was a secret, but their bloody secret is now out. We found them. Their only security was padlocked gates and barbed wire fences. The reality is that once we discovered the farm, nothing would have stopped us, actually we expected it to be harder. We didn’t have a lot of experience or skills to do this – we simply decided we had to free those animals and we made it happen.

This action is a small step towards a world without violence. We don’t think it should be a crime to open cages. This action is dedicated to Sarah Gisbourne, Keith Mann, Josh Demmitt, and Dave Blenkinsop, all currently in prison in the UK and USA for their actions against the vivisection industry and all the violence slavery and pain the vivisectors inflict on animals every single day. Don’t give up! We are winning!

Till all are free,

Animal Liberation Front