received anonymously:

"Recently we visited the Sainsburys supermarket at the top of Gloucester road in
Bristol. There is a campaign asking Sainsburys to stop selling milk from the
badger cull areas. Sainsburys don't appear to be listening. We glued up their
cashpoint by putting a stor
e loyalty card covered in super glue in to the
machine-the card was swallowed and will have stuck to the inside of the machine costing thousands of pounds to fix. We hear rumours that other groups are planning much more exciting actions so we urge sainsburys, for the safety of your staff and customers, to stop selling milk from the cull zones. We will attack
any business or individual involved in the cull in any way we can. As the start
of the cull draws close we need to step things up and we will punish all
involved - maybe not today,maybe not this week but at some point we will come
for you. You have chosen this but you can walk away from it anytime...pull out
of the cull or else!