anonymous report, from Indybay:

"This was our first action, inspired by the amazing work of animal
liberationists in Costa Mesa, Montana, Idaho, Portland, and elsewhere this

Around midnight on August 12, we held local animal abuser Dave Evans and
Marin Sun Farms accountable for the lives they've destroyed. We took
action on behalf of the thousands of pigs, cows, lambs, chickens, and
goats killed for profit by Marin Sun Farms. Hiding behind the language of
sustainability can never hide the violence and terror of the blade and
captive bolt gun. Animals are not biological machines designed to serve
those with class and species privilege.

First, we glued the locks on their new San Francisco meat processing
building, on Eighth and Bryant Street. We slashed all sixteen tires on the
four Marin Sun Farms vehicles parked out front. Our next stop was their
butcher shop in Oakland's Market Hall. We left the glass door slathered
with glass etching cream.

We hold no illusions that our action will cause Marin Sun Farms to retreat
and close up shop. Their violence is motivated by the huge profits they
reap. Their new processing facility is a three million dollar investment.

But we act to make their work just that much more difficult. We act to
show them that their speciesist violence will always be met with
resistance. And to show everyone out there who believes in justice that
their despair can be turned into action.

San Francisco Animal Liberationists"