received anonymously:

"August 12

In response to the article in the National Post glorifying Eugene Klein and his disgusting business, Capilano Furs and Taxidermy Studios, the Animal Liberation Front took direct action to destroy the interior of Eugene’s $60 000 truck.

Under the cover of darkness, we approached the residence of Eugene Klein and shot syringes filled with a foul smelling liquid through the rubber sealing and into his truck.

A message to Eugene Klein:

Eugene, as you and your wife Edith enter the last years of your pathetic, miserable life, you will watch an industry you helped build crumble to the ground.

You were quoted in the newspaper after the last time the ALF visited your house as saying you had guns and were not afraid of us. Well Eugene, we are clearly not afraid of you either and you will have to kill us to stop us.

The Animal Liberation Front is always watching. We dare you and your wife to go away on vacation.

Until every cage is empty,

The Animal Liberation Front"

Note: Capilano Furs has been targeted by the ALF at least twice before, in May 2012 and October 2010.