anonymous communique:

"Over the last few days, NETCU-ALF Division have been out tactically coordinating some extremist activity.

5 Barclay's cash points in Surrey / Hampshire have been rendered useless with a liberal application of super glue.

We would like to make it clear that this action was NOT taken as a result of the handful of LSR (Huntingdon) shares held by Barclays. Keep them, sell them we don't really care. What we are concerned about is your massive investment in the NYSE Euronext. You have the power to pressure the NYSE into dumping HLS once and for all.

The fact that Huntingdon's largest shareholder owns just a quarter of a million shares is laughable. Now that they have been forced into this position of pathetic investments, we are no longer interested in who holds LSR shares. What we want is for Huntingdon to have NO shares. Therefore our demand is simple. Get HLS off of the NYSE Euronext. There will be no compromise. Dumping your LSR shares will not end this, only rectifying the cowards mistake made in December 2006 by the NYSE will end this.

Yes Goldman Sach's, that means your 25% stake in Pret a Manger makes them a target. Barclay's machines and banks will continue to be sabotaged. AXA branches are also on the list. Until the NYSE makes the right decision, the screws will continue to be tightened, until one of you screams louder than HLS did in December '06. If you have an Achilles heel, we will find it.

We were going to dedicate this action to our esteemed leader, Steve Pearl, but in light of recent circumstances, this one goes out to the recently interned peaceful protestor Daniel Amos. You should have joined the ALF lad!

Its time to stop throwing abuse, and start throwing rocks. Get on the streets and hammer Barclays, Pret a Manger, AXA . . .

NETCU-ALF Division"