August 4 press release from Tomma burar (Empty Cages):

"Tonight four activists from the direct action group Empty Cages went into a pig farm in the middle of Sweden and rescued two pigs, Selma and Louise, from a certain death. The activists left behind a signed letter and some cookies. Afterwards they drove the pigs to a loving home and notified the police about the action.

Tonight's action is the first open rescue of pigs in Sweden. An open rescue means that the activists are open with their identities, their actions and their motives.

- As long as it's a crime to save the life of two death sentenced pigs we have a moral obligation to break the law. It's an ethical disaster that we view animals as resources when they, just like us, are sentient individuals, says Sara Andersson, 28, from Västerås, who participated in the rescue.

Today Selma and Louise will grub in soil for the first time. They won't have to scratch their snouts against a concrete floor and will be able to live a life without exploitation until they die from natural causes.

I think that most people don't really want to eat animals. It's just something we've been taught, says Martin Smedjeback, 42, from Haninge.

When the activists were inside the pig farm they wore protective overalls to minimize the risk of contamination, and in the letter to the farm owner they explained that the rescue is not directed towards a single individual. During the month of August Empty Cages will continue to bring awareness to the exploitation and killing of other animals in different ways."