received anonymously:

"During the early hours of August 5th, we visited Allison Blackwell, Senior Vice President of Beckman Coulter at her lovely home in Yorba Linda (5715 Via Del Potrero, Yorba Linda, CA). Her and Beckman Coulter have been supplying HLS with the lab equipment used to test on animals for years. For this reason, her driveway, front door, porch and garage door were redecorated in red spray paint. The slogans 'DROP HLS' and 'PUPPY KILLER' was painted across her garage door. Red stain was thrown into her pool in the backyard turning the water and walls of the pool blood red, to remind her of the blood on her hands.

Allison, you know what to do to bring this to an end. Cut your losses and drop HLS. Until then expect to spend thousands more on damages because this is not a one time event.

As it reads across your drive way in red spray paint 'THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING'