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Received anonymously by local activists in Sweden:

Tonight the fur shop Olssons Päls in Gothenburg had slogans sprayed, locks glued and paint bombs throwed over it. After that we went home to the owner of the fur shop that lives in Mölnlycke. On the garage port we sprayed "welcome to the job" to give them a hint of what to expect. - DBF

On the night to August 4th, Christin fur shop in Gothernburg got several
windows smashed and paint bombs throwed into the shop. - DBF

Slogans were sprayed at walls and the entrance at Nicolaus fur shop in
Gothenburg. - DBF

A furrier in Halmstad got a home visit. The car was destroyed with acid as
well as the windows, the locks to the house was glued and to finish it off
slogans were sprayed.