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Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

Hiking across the Hampshire moorland, we saw our target come into site as we reached the crest of a rolling hillock. Down below us, across the purple heather and tufts of golden grass law a sprawling section of fencing, behind which we could make out the white forms of our deer brothers and sisters.

Working swiftly, we removed large sections of the fencing and opened several gates. We were able to usher several deer to safety, before moving on to the next section of fence. This was where we knew a herd of Bison were kept imprisoned.

The electrified fencing was dismantled, and more fencing removed. As we left the bison were inspecting their newly made gateways to freedom. We are sure many more deer have now departed, along with the Bison.

We cut through a section of woodland to a known shooting estate. Here we dismantled several shooting towers, and emptied feeders, spoiling the grain with water.