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Received anonymously by the EVTR (Finnish ALF SG):

On the night of 25.7.-26.7. we targeted Santen's CEO Jyrki Liljeroos by attacking their family's car (registration YEY-651) outside their house (Kaukalokatu 7, Tampere). We wrote EVR on the front and back windows with etching fluid, messed up all side windows with etching fluid, broke all the tyres and completely destroyed the paintwork of the car with paint stripper. We did this so that Jyrki would know that we will never give him peace.

Santen collaborates with notorious, Europe's largest animal testing laboratory Huntingdon Life Sciences, which has been caught many times of gross animal abuse inside its laboratories. 500 animals are killed every day and 180 000 animals every year inside the laboratories of Huntingdon Life Sciences. Workers of HLS have been filmed hitting beagles, cutting up live monkeys from their chests, horrifically abusing hundreds of other animals and doing illegal things. All companies, which are involved with HLS, will be our targets.