Received anonymously by activists in the Netherlands:

"The Dieren Bevrijdings Front has liberated 600 till 800
breeding minks from a farm of Johan Karens BV, Westzijdeweg 31-33, 2391 JE Hazerswoude Dorp in the night of 25 on 26 february.

This was the first mink liberation within one and a half year, and will be the start of a new campaign against the fur industry.

The new campaign of the Dieren Bevrijdings Front will include those mink farmers that are protecting themselves against the Dieren Bevrijdings Front. Johan Karens is the owner of a farm which is in a closed building, even with these measures the Dieren Bevrijdings Front could find a way inside, and released 600 till 800 minks out of their cages.

Let this action be a sign to the whole furindustry that they will be a target again of animal liberators who no longer accept watchting millions of minks being killed for a luxury item like fur.

The Dieren Bevrijdings Front"