reported anonymously:

"In solidarity with the World Day demonstration outside of Novartis' torture labs the following day, and to remind them that not all activists carry placards and bullhorns, two Novartis vivisectors were visited at home in Horsham on Friday night.

Steve Charlton of 7 Saint Christopher Close had glue put in his front door lock, and 'Animal Abuser at No. 7' was painted on a row of garages next to his house. We can't be sure they were his, but we'll leave it to him to explain that one to his neighbours.

At 5 Ryecroft Drive, Gerald Dubois had left a car out under an open window. Hardly a deterrent. Silent as the night that hid us, we stripped the paint, slashed all the tires and left our calling card in our own paint.

You never see us, and you can't stop us.

Animal Liberation Front"