anonymous report:

"For Earth Day we targeted Hudson Valley Foie Gras, the largest foie gras farm in the United States. Hudson Valley Foie Gras tortures birds and pollutes the earth. The company has been fined tens of thousands of dollars for violations of the Clean Water Act.

We temporarily took down their website ( and online store, and uncovered name/address/phone number/credit card details for over 1,200 customers who purchased foie gras and duck flesh products between June 2012 and April 2013.
For example:

On 3/27/2013, Robert Litzenberger used his American Express card to buy $351 worth of foie gras.

Robert Litzenberger
918 Twin Lakes Rd.
Shohola, PA 18458
T: 570-296-8070
[email protected]

On 2/5/2013, Rudy Rodolphe Ancian charged $686 worth of dead duck to his MasterCard.

Rudy Rodolphe Ancian
107 Westover Ave., Apt 305
Norfolk, VA 23517
T: 757-419-9027
[email protected]

On 12/5/2012, Christine Caron used her American Express card to buy $1,103 worth of 'Fresh Foie Gras.'

Christine Caron
2200 Eleanor Way
Cedar Park, TX 78613
T: 512-879-1650
[email protected]

The customer list includes many in California, where the production and sale of foie gras is illegal.
For example:

On 3/18/2013, Amar Santana used his American Express card to buy $955 worth of fresh and frozen foie gras.

Amar Santana
328 Glennerye St.
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
T: 949-424-4608
[email protected]

On 12/7/2012, Michel Blanchet used a MasterCard to buy $743.50 worth of foie gras and duck salami.

Michel Blanchet
M.C.Bleu Inc.
333 N. King's Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048
T: 323-852-6923
[email protected]

On 11/28/2012, Rodney Antis used his American Express to purchase $267 worth of foie gras.

Rodney Antis
Madison Club
53-035 Meriwether Way
La Quintal, CA 92253
T: 760-391-4528
[email protected]

On 6/18/2012, Wilbur Lin bought $635 worth of foie gras with a Visa card.

Wilbur Lin
11318 Ohio Ave., Unit 4
Los Angeles, CA 90025
T: 310-477-5758
[email protected]

Shipped to:

Wilbur Lin
Brentwood Capital Partners
417 Colorado Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90401

More California customers below.

For the ducks,

Animal Liberation Front

- - -

A W Albany - [email protected]
Abhinav Vohra - [email protected]
Alexandra Amati-Camperi - [email protected]
Alexander Tamburro - [email protected]
Anelya Grant - [email protected]
Anita Suen - [email protected]
Anne Tammel - [email protected]
Annette Spicer - [email protected]
Armelle Marcais - [email protected]
August Schuchman - [email protected]
Avi Zelmanovich - [email protected]
Aviran Bar-Lev - [email protected]
Barry Lemke - [email protected]
Barry Pinsky - [email protected]
Ben Davenport - [email protected]
Ben Goldwyn - [email protected]
Benjamin Grol - [email protected]
Brendan Nemeth - [email protected]
Brian Coleman - [email protected]
Brian McGavin - [email protected]
Brian Welch - [email protected]
Bryan Liem - [email protected]
Catherine Renoir - [email protected]
Celia Margison - [email protected]
Celia Welch - [email protected]
Charity Smith - [email protected]
Charles Tobin - [email protected]
Chris Blum - [email protected]
Christine Trinh - [email protected]
Cindy Hayashi - [email protected]
Clive Woolf - [email protected]
Crosby Haffner - [email protected]
Curtis Jackson - [email protected]
Dain Heer - [email protected]
Daniel Kallestad - [email protected]
Dat Ngo - [email protected]
Dave Low - [email protected]
Dave Rubell - [email protected]
David Gladstein - [email protected]
David Hayek - [email protected]
David King - dav[email protected]
David Leong - [email protected]
David Mocarski - [email protected]
David Ottow - [email protected]
David Tait - [email protected]
David Walters - [email protected]
David Alan Grier - [email protected]
Dennis Parnagian - [email protected]
Denis von Banck - [email protected]
Derek Gamble - [email protected]
Diane Glotzer - [email protected]
Dominique Barbier - [email protected]
Donald Norton - [email protected]
Doohyun Na - [email protected]
Doreen Purcell - [email protected]
Edward Fredericks - [email protected]
Eliza Shamshian - [email protected]
Elizabeth Astor - [email protected]
Elvia Menendez - [email protected]
Endre Granat - [email protected]
Eric Bovy - [email protected]
Eric Janssens - [email protected]
Eric Jian - [email protected]
Eric Leung - [email protected]
Erik Carlson - [email protected]
Erika Mariano - [email protected]
Eugene Shampansky - [email protected]
Francis Cutruzzola - [email protected]
Fred Tanaka - [email protected]
Gary Casamento - [email protected]
Gary Steinbach - [email protected]
George Chow - [email protected]
Gerard Wong - [email protected]
Gerry Schwartz - [email protected]
Glen Lowe - [email protected]
Greg Scheinfeld - [email protected]
Haley Simonds - [email protected]
Harry Noller - [email protected]
Heather Conlin - [email protected]
Helen Kline - [email protected]
HH Chou - [email protected]
Hien Pham - [email protected]
Hilary Clark - [email protected]
Hoa Vo - [email protected]
Isaura Rochin - [email protected]
J.R. T-Lecourt - [email protected]
James Davis - [email protected]
James Eshom - [email protected]
James McCoy - [email protected]
James Tan - [email protected]
Jane Mertens - [email protected]
Jason Ku - [email protected]
Jay Patel - [email protected]
Jean Claude Parino - [email protected]
Jean-Louis Excoffier - [email protected]
Jeannette Kempkes - [email protected]
Jeff Hauk - [email protected]
Jeff Hoppe - [email protected]
Jeff Liu - [email protected]
Jeffrey Towns - [email protected]
Jeri Lynne Jones - [email protected]
Jill Kiar - [email protected]
Jim Young - [email protected]
Joel Weinstein - [email protected]
John Fanaris - [email protected]
John Goecke - [email protected]
John Kubisty - [email protected]
John Lau - [email protected]
John Stenger - [email protected]
John White - [email protected]
Johnee Rui - [email protected]
Johnnie Raines - [email protected]
Joseph Akerman - [email protected]
Joseph Dziubinski - [email protected]
Joseph Smith - [email protected]
Josie Tong - [email protected]
Judy Sing - [email protected]
Julia Barsov - [email protected]
Juliana Dodson - [email protected]
Justin Lee - [email protected]
Justine Tran - [email protected]
Katie Cromwell - [email protected]
Keith Christman - [email protected]
Keith R Stilson - [email protected]
Kelly Ng - [email protected]
Kelvin Kamachi - [email protected]
Ken White - [email protected]
Kenneth Hoffman - [email protected]
Kent Sokolow - [email protected]
Kevin Nguyen - [email protected]
Kevin Pei - [email protected]
Kirill Pertsev - [email protected]
Konstantin Vilk - [email protected]
Kristee Bedgood - [email protected]
Laird Valory - [email protected]
Lane Poms - [email protected]
Laura Dekkers - [email protected]
Laura Lee - [email protected]
Lawrence Fairchild - [email protected]
Lawrence Kern - [email protected]
Leland Garner - [email protected]
Leonard Chin - [email protected]
Liliane de Pasquale - [email protected]
Lin Wang - [email protected]
Linda Chan - [email protected]
Liron Meller - [email protected]
Loren Irwin - [email protected]
Lorri Jean - [email protected]
Marco Bragoli - [email protected]
Margaret Ho - [email protected]
Marilee Bresciani - [email protected]
Marine Duhamel - [email protected]
Mark Matthews - [email protected]
Mark TeVault - [email protected]
Martha Vidal - [email protected]
Martyne Viens - [email protected]
Matt Powers - [email protected]
Matthew Degyansky - [email protected]
Matthew Ettinger - [email protected]
Megan Marcoux - [email protected]
Micah Forbres - [email protected]
Michael Batter - [email protected]
Michael Behner - [email protected]
Michael de Leon - [email protected]
Michael Edwards - [email protected]
Michael Gutierrez - [email protected]
Michael Joplin - [email protected]
Michael Kenney - [email protected]
Michael Morris - [email protected]
Michael Woo - [email protected]
Michelle Bastio - [email protected]
Michelle Culbertson - [email protected]
Mike Cox - [email protected]
Mila Golikova - [email protected]
Monica De La Cruz - [email protected]
Myron Brody - [email protected]
Nelson Chui - [email protected]
Nicolas Woo - [email protected]
Owen Long - [email protected]
Patra Boodsayaskul - [email protected]
Patricia J McDonald - [email protected]
Patricio Wise - [email protected]
Paul Langner - [email protected]
Philip Terhorst - [email protected]
Philippe Branchu - [email protected]
Philippe Fossier - [email protected]
Pilar Paris - [email protected]
R. Keith Ferguson - [email protected]
Randal Lee - [email protected]
Randy Sandford - [email protected]
Rebecca Koskoff - [email protected]
Richard Guenther - [email protected]
Richard Lowe - [email protected]
Richard Lowe - [email protected]
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Roland Nicolas - [email protected]
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Ryan Adams - [email protected]
Scott Boland - [email protected]
Scott Schork - [email protected]
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Shirley Chao - [email protected]
Slavina Berk - [email protected]
Stephanie Gray - [email protected]
Stephanie Soliman - [email protected]
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Yuko Takizawa - [email protected]"