Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

"The Williton Box Company in Somerset has for decades being supplying the vivisection industry with animal transportation boxes. They have never been the target of a protest, or even a letter writing campaign. Over the years this company has gone apparantly unnoticed by the outside world.

Until this weekend that is. Incendiary devices were placed through their letter box overnight on Saturday. It isn't hard to imagine the effect the fire had on a warehouse full of cardboard boxes.

We hope that this is the wakeup call this company needs to ditch the vivisection industry, and to start to earn an honest living.

This is what happens when peaceful protest is banned. This fire was lit by the undemocratic injunctions, the police restrictions of the World Day march, and the outrageous sentencing of fellow activists. If you thought all this would stop us, you were wrong. You have created a firestorm which is engulfing the animal testing fraternity.

This is a sincere warning to anyone prepared to bloody their hands in this vile pursuit. Most directly this is a warning to any company who is considering bailing HLS out of debt in 2006 - if you help them you will get burnt."