Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

"Lawful protest is becoming riskier and more restricted, with new laws and injunctions making it increasingly difficult to fight for animal liberation in a legal manner. A good example of this is the cancellation of the main World Day for Lab Animals demo in the UK, this yearly march has been called off due to the selfish and obstructive actions of the police and government. It is for reasons such as this that more activists are now going underground and deciding to use direct action as their tool for continuing the liberation struggle:

In mid April ALF activists gained entry to a secure sheep research facility at the University of Nottingham, Sutton Bonnington campus. Their initial aim was to liberate the lambs, but the presence of very protective mothers and the speed and strength of the larger than expected lambs sadly ruled this option out. Pushing their annoyance aside activists realised they were left with only one option and so ransacked the lab attached to the sheep holding area. Whilst the sheep cheered them on, water pipes were cut, sinks blocked and taps turned on to flood the rooms. Lab equipment was broken, slogans written on the walls, freezers containing meat and animal samples opened and switched off, bags containing supplies of feed slashed open and spoiled, cupboards and fridges emptied, bins overturned and a butchers knife used to cut up every pair of welly boots in the building and to slash an abuser's bike tyres.

The action was unfortunately halted prematurely when an alarm was triggered and activists hurriedly left the building taking with them a stack of equipment and paper work (later destroyed) stating that the sheep and lambs were being used in an experiment described as 'The Effect of Maternal Nutrition on Foetal Growth and Lamb Carcass Composition' that has been going on for a number of years.

The abusers got off fairly lightly this time, but a message activists left on the wall next to a pitch fork says it all; 'Free the animals or you will face the consequences. We are watching you, ALF.'