Anonymous communique received by aboveground activists:

"In honor of world week for animals in labs, we held two silent vigils at the homes of GlaxoSmithKline collaborators. First stop was the home of James W. Hovey. James is in the unfortunate position of sitting on the same board of directors as Glaxo President David Stout. At James house, we silently defaced the front doors and windows and two sides of his house with tire blackener (nice backyard garden, james), which claims to leave stains - let's hope it did! On our way out we took personal photos of James and his friends and relatives, as well as written documents, out of James's trash can. Throwing away photos of your family and friends? real classy, James. We're sending them to others to make use of them as they will. Expect a return visit.

Next stop was the home of Erin Hillman. Erin unfortunately is Programs Manager with the Eisenhower Fellowships, a bunch of misfits who seat Glaxo CEO J.P. Gariner on their board of directors. We silently poured paint stripper all over her two cars and then left. Airgas and the Eisenhower Fellowships have been targeted by others before, and they will keep being targeted until you kick Glaxo off your board, or Glaxo dumps HLS."