reported by activists in the UK (see photos below):

"So we recognised a little problem (if you can really call it that) within the animal rights movement as activists continue to argue and disagree over what forms of activism are most or more effective.

This is called the Direct Action vs. Outreach debate, which is known throughout the broader revolution by compassionate individuals looking for real change. A solution to this is ALF Outreach, taking direct action primarily to educate others about the atrocities and crimes towards the non-human animals on this earth.

Since understanding that an undeclared war against innocent individuals is currently taking place, we knew we had to take action. Our cell demonstrated our commitment in the last few months by stenciling 'animal liberation' over 40 times on walls, bollards, pillars, electricity pylons, water meters & carparks. Identical tagging years ago inspired our activity.

This is dedicated to 90% of the public who continue to consume graveyard food and to the badger who caught us off guard recently, the only individual who has.

Here is a tip for those who have spent a lot of effort to remove our work. It takes far less time for us to tag than it does for you to clean up after us. The bottom line is we will be back to replace our work time and time again and that this is a much larger battle that you are not prepared for. Just remember that you own the paths and streets just as much as we do, we claim the right to decorate because nobody else has. Whether its animals in battery farms or those starving in poverty, veganism is the solution for the forthcoming revolution. Until all are free!

Want to join in? Get your stencils from, they are only £1.50 and can be shipped worldwide. A message for the police: you can raid their offices, but we'll just double our actions to support them.

Tagging the state and reclaiming the streets,
ALF Outreach-South West"