As reported by the The North American Animal Liberation Press Office. Excerpts below (Click here to read the full communique:

"ALF Communique 4/17/05

We can only assume that Chuck Ryan did not get it the first time around when we spray painted his house and car, so we had to come back again with something a little more potent. What better time of year to get fucked by the ALF than World Week for Animals in Labs. Chuck Ryan serves as a director and chief patient counsel to Forest Labs, maker of the anti depressants Lexapro and Celexa, and a long standing customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences. As clinical reports pile up showing that Celexa and Lexapro can cause in increase in suicidal and homicidal thought, it becomes increasingly evident that Forest has worked hard to cover up the clinical data that has shown that for years. As chief patient counsel to Forest, Chuck signed away on the scalpel at HLS killing countless innocent animals during Phase-I trials, then Chuck did all he could to mask the evidence that Celexa and Lexapro can kill kids during clinical trials, now Chuck thinks he can buy himself things to wash away the knowledge that he and Forest's drugs have killed and will kill countless people. So if money and privacy is Chuck's language we decided to get talking.

Our adventure begins after we followed his wife Maria to Stony Brook University where she left her Mercedes unlocked and unattended.
. . . .
We always wondered what the seats of an ill CLK felt like so we decided to sit inside. Rummaging around the car we found some interesting items and decided it was time for a spending spree.

We took out travelers checks from Chuck and Maria's Capital One credit card.
. . . .
and we made grants out to the following charities

1.) Boston Area Rape Crisis Center -- $5,000
2.) Help Iraqis / Global Exchange -- $5,000
3.) Save the Manatee Club -- $4,000
4.) Global GreenGrants Fund - Tsunami Relief Fund -- $6,000
(This was a matching grant from verizon wireless so $12,000 was sent)

That's when we thought back to the CLK and the 2 other cars Chuck and Maria own, and went to Geico Insurance. With Chuck's policy number, address, and mothers maiden name it was real easy to take full control of Chuck and Maria's auto insurance. Chuck, with the click of a mouse we can off your insurance and you will get $0 dollars when we set fire to your car, which by the way, begs for it each time Maria parks it at the Oyster Bay train station.

Now is the time you ask yourself, why did they not do it? are they bluffing?

The answer is; we are not monsters like you. Unlike you, we don't prey on the innocent, especially for profit. We are smart and well planed. If we find out a dime of that money granted to those charities was taken back we will strip you bear and burn your shit. This is our insurance policy.

Chuck, you and Forest can begin to make things right by making a public statement that Forest Labs will no longer have a customer contract with HLS.

We assume that by this point in the letter you can see that we are not playing games. Chuck, you need to come to terms in your life and realize that the way you live is unacceptable. On your trip to India you were freaked out by the way animals roamed freely with people, was that because you could not bear the thought of facing a non human animal whoes brethren you may have slaughtered?
Chuck, how is it that you can buy everything in the world, even a big house in the woods hoping to fill it with a family, but can't seem to find a way of getting Maria pregnant? Could it be that you can't get it up because you feel so inadequate with whom you have become? or maybe you just like boys?

Now here is the real trip.
We have your whole life seized.
This info is going to travel all over the world.
Hows about we begin with your finances, and then we will get into your family and friends."