"29 hens rescued in open rescue (Czech Republic).

In April 2007 29 hens were freed from battery cages and put in new, safe homes.

As a whole 55 hens were rescued in three open rescues within the www.realita.tv project between August 2006 and April 2007.

Michal Kolesar, open rescue activist, says:

'I can hope that a better time will come and work toward the future. But what to do with the animals with crippled lives now, at this moment?

I can feel sorry when someone else takes them into his/her possession as if they don't have their own interests that negate this, but I have to leave them in their possession. That's what the rules say.

The question is simple and the answer too. If the law is counter to life, what is more important, life or the law? Life.

To those who dispute that the rescue of 5, 11 or 100 or just one hen is just a symbolic act, I answer with the question: if there were 200 people drowning and you saved just one of them, was it just symbolic?

If there are animals held in similar places, in such conditions and for such purposes, that's not normal. That we took them out of these places is normal."

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