anonymous communique:

"Angry wild boars liberate their relatives

In the night to Monday, March 31st, a cell of the ALF called 'angry wild boar' liberated 200 genetically, degeneratively altered relatives (called domestic pigs) from a catastrophical factory farm between Brunn and Winzersdorf in the district of Wr. Neustadt, Lower Austria. The liberated pigs immediately started playing in the meadows surrounding the farm and ate grass, which they will be prohibited to do in the months ahead, sitting without anything to do in their dreadfully stinking shit. . . .

Around the farm are kilometres of open land and pasture; why is this way of keeping pigs not prohibited? Most people just remove the suffering from their consciousness and still buy and sell these products. But there are healthy and tasty plant based alternatives not only in specialist shops but in all supermarkets - from meat and different sausages to schnitzel, chili con soya or doener.

Even if those liberated pigs cannot enjoy their freedom for long - every hour counts; since in only a few weeks, they would be brutally kicked into lorries, transported over long distances and killed hanging on their hind legs on the slaughter line, when somebody cuts their throat while they are still fully conscious. They struggle for minutes. Humans with a brain and a heart do not eat animals - especially when they are so similar to themselves, that their organs are being misused by unscrupolous doctors for transplants.
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Freedom for pigs!
The angry wild boars"